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Right-of-way Acquisition is under way for the Purple Line!

If the MTA needs to acquire private property a specific process will be followed. The three steps below outline the process. For more information see the Purple Line brochure "Your Rights as a Property Owner".

Step 1 – Notification Letter from MTA

If any part of your property is required for the Purple Line you will receive an official letter from MTA notifying you of the fact. This letter will inform you that a qualified, independent appraiser will be contacting you.

Step 2 – Appraisal

After you have received a notification letter from MTA, a qualified, independent appraiser will contact you to arrange a convenient date for the appraisal inspection. The appraiser will ask you to accompany him or her during the inspection so that you can point out features that may be important for the appraiser to know.

Once the appraisal is completed, the appraisal report will be reviewed by real estate experts from the MD State Highway Administration to perform an independent review.

Step 3 – Negotiations

Once the appraisal results are reviewed and determined to be fair and reasonable, based on fair market value, MTA will assign a negotiator to work with you. The negotiator will contact you to set up a convenient date and time to explain the acquisition process and the payment being offered. Ultimately the negotiator will provide you with a written offer for your property. Anyone who makes you a verbal offer is not a representative of the MTA.

MTA will make every effort to acquire the needed property through respectful and open communications. You will be given sufficient time to consider the offer and/or make any counter offers.

The negotiators carry State of Maryland identification – do not hesitate to ask to see this identification if you have any doubts.