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Gov. Larry Hogan Moves Forward With Cost-Effective Purple Line

Gov. Hogan Announcement

In announcing that he was moving forward with a more cost-effective and streamlined version of the Purple Line, Governor Larry Hogan made the following statements:

“Today, we are announcing that we will be moving forward with the Purple Line to connect New Carrollton in Prince George’s County to Bethesda in Montgomery County. I have always said this decision was never about whether public transit was worthwhile, but whether it is affordable and makes economic sense.”

“Our Administration promised to chart a new course for Maryland - one where economic development and jobs are our top priority. Over the last five months, we have been wholly focused on making Maryland a more business friendly and more competitive state, so that we can create more jobs and more opportunities for our citizens.

“The Purple Line is a long-term investment that will be an important economic driver for Maryland. It will be built in a part of our state that has demonstrated strong support and use of mass transit. The Purple Line will integrate seamlessly with our current transit system – combining Metro, MARC and Amtrak. Construction alone will mean 23,000 new jobs for Marylanders over six years. And it will be a long-term asset to our state – attracting businesses and making Maryland a better place to live, work and retire.”