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Welcome to Purple Plant!” to “Welcome to Purple Planet! Hi Kids! I’m Purple Linus. Welcome to Purple Plant! Let’s see where the Purple Line can take you! Join my friends and me in fun activities where you can play and learn about light rail trains at the same time! So what are you waiting for? ALL ABOARD FOR FUN!

What is the Purple Line?

The Purple Line is a newly planned light rail train! When complete, the Purple Line will take you from the New Carrollton Metro station in Prince George’s County to the Bethesda Metro station in Montgomery County. The Purple Line is planned to be 16 miles long with 21 stops along the way.

The Purple Line will connect to the DC Metro’s Red, Green and Orange lines, local buses and MARC and AMTRAK trains. These easy connections will help you get to lots of fun places like the NASA Goddard Center in Greenbelt, Wheaton Regional Park in Silver Spring, or the National Zoo just outside of Bethesda!

You may be asking yourself,
“What is a light rail train?”

A Light Rail is an electric rail train that is powered by overhead wires. Unlike most train tracks, light rail tracks are safe for people and pets to walk across because no power runs through the rails. The Purple Line light rail will travel quietly at posted speeds equal to traffic on the roadway.

Will the Purple Line stations look like Metro stations?

No. Purple Line stations will take up much less space. Light rail stations are about 200 feet long and include a platform where you can board the train, shelters to keep you protected from the weather, benches, and vending machines where you buy your ticket to ride the train.

Ways to be a helpful Light Rail Passenger:

1. Buy your ticket before boarding the light rail train. Ticket vending machines will be available on all light rail platforms.

2. Always be polite and respectful of other riders.

  • Talk quietly.
  • Keep the train clean. Save eating and drinking for after you’ve left the train.
  • Use head phones when listening to music.

3. Always Be Safe.

  • Stay with an adult.
  • Sit in a seat, if possible. If you must stand, hold on to a pole.
  • Never lean on train doors.
  • Keep aisles clear.
  • Walk calmly to and from the train. Stay to the right so your route will be faster and safer.
  • Allow others to exit the train before you enter.
  • Only cross the light rail tracks in areas marked for pedestrians. Always look for cross walks.
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