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Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) has divided the 16-mile Purple Line corridor into eight geographic areas, each to be represented by a Community Advisory Team (CAT). MDOT MTA and Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP) have committed to maintaining open dialogue with the communities surrounding the Purple Line via CATs with the objective of building a long-term relationship and working with community stakeholders to minimize impacts during construction through completion of the project. The CATs are member-driven teams with representatives appointed from neighborhood and civic associations adjacent to the alignment. There are also representatives from business associations and local governments within each CAT. The CATs were launched in 2017 and the schedule is based on construction activity within the area. CAT meetings are open to the general public, but during the Question and Answer portion of the meeting, CAT members are given priority to ask questions.

Community Advisory Teams (CATs) are intended to:

  • Promote two-way information sharing between MDOT MTA/PLTP and community
  • Offer a forum for residents and other community stakeholders to engage in open dialogue with MDOT MTA /PLTP project staff
  • Serve as an organized, results-oriented vehicle for identifying and addressing area-specific issues and concerns related to MDOT MTA’s Purple Line

The eight CAT areas are: