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Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) pursued an innovative solicitation approach for the Purple Line. This partnership with private industry, commonly referred to as a public-private partnership (PPP or P3), will promote the successful delivery of the Purple Line. On March 2, 2016, Governor Larry Hogan announced Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP) as the Concessionaire for the Purple Line. PLTP is responsible for designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the project, and the private partner will also help finance a portion of construction. MDOT MTA retains ownership of the Purple Line. The Concessionaire is comprised of three main teams:

  • Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP) – responsible for the overall project, including financing and management of:
    • Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC) – responsible for the design and construction of the Purple Line.
    • Purple Line Transit Operators (PLTO) – will take over to operate and maintain the Purple Line for 30 years after completion.

P3 Flowchart from Top down: MDOT MTA (P3 Agreement) to Purple Line Transit Partners: Concessionaire (meridiam; Fluor; Star America) and Economic Empowerment Subcontractor (L.S. Caldwell & Associates) to Purple Line Transit Constructors: DB Contract – Lead Contractor (Fluor; Lane; Traylor) with Interface Agreement between O&M Contract: Lead Operations & Maintenance Firm (Fluor; ACI; CAF USA). Lead Contractor has lines down to Lead Design Firm (Atkins), Dedicated Subconsultant (Hatch Mott MacDonald; Rinker Design Associates [rda]), and Dedicated Subcontractors (CAF USA; M.C. Dean; Hensel Phelps; Interfleet Technologies).

The fully executed P3 contract is provided below. Web server limitations prevent us from listing all of the documents which are referenced or referred to within the documents on this page.

Settlement Agreement

  • Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release
    1.24 MB
  • Mutual Release Agreement
    897.09 KB
  • Second Amendment to Public-Private Partnership Agreement
    782.13 KB

Executed Version

  • Public Private Partnership (P3) Agreement with Exhibits
    38.11 MB
  • Technical Provisions Book 2 – Part 1
    450.63 KB
  • Technical Provisions Book 2 – Part 2
    4.48 MB
  • Technical Provisions Book 2 – Part 3
    650.37 KB
  • Codes and Standards Book 3
    313.49 KB
  • Contract Drawings Book 4 – Plans
    209.05 MB
  • Contract Drawings Book 4 – Additional Plans
    11.86 MB
  • Contract Drawings Book 4 – Right of Way Plans
    200.84 MB

While Book 4 consists of the Contract Drawings referenced by the P3 Agreement, the Concessionaire will continue to work alongside MDOT MTA after award to further develop and complete the design as the project progresses.

  • Report to the Maryland General Assembly: Description of the Proposed P3 Agreement
    963.99 KB
  • Appendix 1 – Risk Allocation
    66.09 KB
  • Appendix 2 – P3 Agreement Policy Guide
    112.81 KB


  • News Release – P3 Announcement – March 2, 2016
    60.55 KB
  • Gov. Larry Hogan Moves Forward With Cost-Effective Purple Line – June 25, 2015
    187.34 KB
  • A Letter from Mike Madden, Purple Line Deputy Project Director – 2015
    206.81 KB
  • Cost-Saving Measures
    593.34 KB